Tourist Guide: How to Take in the Beauty of the Danube River

River Danube is a 1,750 mile long river that passes 10 modern-day countries. The Danube River originates from Donaueschingen, in Germany and flows long and wide, emptying into the Black Sea. History places the use of the Danube to as early as the 3rd to 6th millennium BC. History tells of Darius the Great crossing the river to subdue Scythians. The river was also used by the Romans to mark their territory as well as for transportation.

Crossing over to the 21st Century, the river hasn’t lost its usefulness to man. It still acts as a border to some countries, but it has now been mostly transformed to a recreational and social river. 

Some of the activities that people enjoy around the river include:

1. Kayaking

If you would like to go kayaking, then the Danube River offers an unforgettable experience. There are other forms of activities in the river, but kayaking has an upper hand over most as you get to branch out to the channels that are not travelled on by tourist boats. Since kayaks are relatively silent, you get to be close to the birds found around the river without scaring them. The shape of the kayak also allows you to navigate the narrow and shallow waters, but the most amazing thing of all is the feeling of being one with the river and it is just breathtaking.

Do not forget to carry a few sealed bags to put your items in and drinking water as the activity is physically daunting. An anti-mosquito solution and a sun hat may also come in handy.  You can always rent a kayak or scour inflatable kayak reviews to see if you want to purchase one instead.  Or perhaps you can find the best inflatable kayak, depending on your budget.

2. Canoeing

This is one of the best ways to take in the scenery of the Danube River. You get to experience the highly maintained region of the Danube River, river islands and alluvial forest. But the most impressive of all are the sandy and gravel beaches which are often only accessed by canoes. You also get to bird watch to see the many species of birds in the area.

Again, it is important to remember to carry the basic necessities for such a trip. Light footwear, sunscreen, a head cover, mosquito repellant, drinking water, waterproof bags, etc. As a safety precaution, it is recommended that you wear life vests for the whole boating trip.

The river can sometimes be difficult to paddle, as it easily changes from fast to slow flows. Make sure you are prepared for those changes.

3. Boat Rentals

Many countries allow companies to rent out boats. It’s easier to find boat rentals in some countries than in others. In France for example, you can access boat rentals pretty easily.

However, it is important to keep in mind that as much as the Danube is great for boat riding, some parts of the river contain fast flowing currents, chutes, sand banks sluices and heavy commercial traffic that might prove difficult to navigate without having an experienced rider with you.

Other Awesome Activites to Enjoy the Danube River Wholeheartedly!

There are other activities that you can try on the Danube River. You can ride a bike on the designated trails where you can also rent a bicycle beforehand. The floating bus tour is sure to give you a scenic view of the river and the surroundings. Snorkeling is another famed activity in the Danube with real time view of the fish and all other aquatic creatures that is an amazing experience. For those of you who have a romantic side, the river also boasts great dining restaurants along the shores, where you not only experience great taste but also the rich culture. Activities along the Danube River are a never-ending streak of adventure.  In fact, you can check out the Danube River dining cruise as well!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the sunset sceneries on the river, with some of the best views of the sun’s journey to the west.